Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Miracle Baby

Nine months of mental preparation is still inadequate for me to welcome No 3 baby into the family. Well, its wasn’t that I am not looking forward to have another baby, but the pain and fear of death (!) experienced during my C-section and thereafter are constantly haunting me.

However, I know that God is with me and He will grant me strength and courage to pull through the dreaded 1st few weeks after birth.  The idea of being an invalid for the 1st couple of days after the operation reminded me of how vulnerable we truly are.

At this point where I am counting down to my BIG DAY (only 4 more days to go), I should remind myself of God’s grace and provision in the past 9 months. For a start, both Ray & I were pleasantly surprised when I was pregnant with no. 3 as we had doubts if I could still conceive at my age! That was when we decided to call this our miracle baby!

Not long after our discovery, I went for a site visit and without giving it a second thought, I lifted a wooden structure that had appeared deceivingly light. Almost immediately, I could hear my boss telling me that the item should be left alone due to its weight. In the split of a second, I could experience some abdominal pain but I told myself, that I was carrying a miracle baby and that God would protect her: The pain left almost immediately.

Well into my 2nd trimester, I received a complaint from a pedestrian in my office that she had stepped on the rusty metal drain cover located right in front of my office, resulting in a major fall through into the drain that required 18 stitches on her legs! She was here demanding for a compensation. I took a look at the metal drain cover and sure enough, it had rusted to the core and was fragile. It could have been me that stepped on the metal drain cover since it was just in front of my office! Without my knowledge, God had sent His angels to protect my footsteps! Praise Him for His faithfulness!

As I was entering into my 3rd trimester, my doctor informed me that Priscilla (the name given to our miracle baby) wasn’t growing and was on the small side. This was despite me eating more and piling on weight too! Finally, instead of feeling down and worried, I asked the doctor if her machine has marginal error.  “Yes, very likely! In fact, I have just delivered a 3.8kg baby when the scan estimated that the baby was only 3.2kg!” she replied with a smile. Since then, I began to cling more onto God’s words than the high tech scanning machine.

I thank our Heavenly Father for His protection on me and Priscilla for the past nine months. I am sure that there were more unnoticed incidents that He had diverted to protect me! One thing I know for sure, since its His idea to bless me with Priscilla, He would see to it that I would have a safe delivery and for that, I am deeply grateful and touched. He is indeed a GOOD GOD!

“being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;” Philippians 1:6

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