Sunday, December 23, 2012

My Year of many 1st - 2012

As 2012 draws to a close, I realize that this has been an exciting year for my family in Kampar. For a start, I could think of many 1st that happened over the last 12 months:-

  • 1.     Our first time participating in an international school marketing fair;
  • 2.     My first time singing our school song, which was composed by our 1st English teacher;
  • 3.     My first school camp, in which I was put in charged of games. I have never been a game master before and if you have known me, games would be the last (ok, maybe not last but penultimate) thing I would do;
  • 4.     My first time helping to start a school (more on this later);
  • 5.     My first time shopping for the school library;
  • 6.     My first time praying with key people at the school;
  • 7.     First time showing parents around the school;
  • 8.     First time watching our school concert, which was prepared in less than 2 weeks and most of the kids were from non English speaking families;
  • 9.     First time joining a cell group in Kampar, where some of the members came from our KL cell group!
  • 10. For the first time in my life, I am able to send our children to an international school. If I had been in KL, I would not be able to afford their fees or keep up with the lifestyle expected of them there!  
  • 11. I felt that I am making a difference in children lives here by getting involved in the school.
  • 12. Having been a boarder myself, I am hesitant about offering boarding at the school. However, God has brought a retired children and youth minister to head the boarding facilities. For the first time, I might just change my mind about boarding!
  • 13. First time putting aside my accounting logic and trusting God to do the balance sheet. To date, He has brought more students than I have projected!
  • 14. Seeing teachers coming from different countries and various parts of Malaysia. While talking to them, I realised that God was instrumental in calling them to be here! Otherwise, how would you explain that a New Yorker travelled half round the globe to be setting foot in Kampar?! And another from UK came via a contact during our roadshow. Yet another was called to early retirement so that he could be in Kampar. A key personnel moved here because her husband is an Aston Villa fan and there is a place in Kampar known as Aston Settlement – that was the determinant factor for moving?! Such stories go on.

I am sure that I am not alone in experiencing God’s blessing in my life. In fact, if we spend time reflecting, the list will be endless. Even sheer breath itself is a miracle that is worth rejoicing over. Oh Lord, please help me to be grateful at all times, especially during the times when I can’t experience your hands at work because I know that you will never cease to work for our GOOD.

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