Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Take a Peek

Its always good to see how we are like through the eyes of our children. However, I would like to add a good dose of humour and perhaps acceptance to go alongside. For me, its an eye opener and a reminder that all these times, our children have been quietly absorbing and digesting all that were said before them.

Today, I had a bad bout of sinus and felt so exhausted that I couldn’t think clearly to pray (!). “Clare, please could you pray for me? I don’t feel up to it tonight.” I mumbled to her. She commenced by starting with the Lord’s prayer and just when I thought that she would be going through the usual preliminaries, she went: “Dear Father, I pray for my mother who freaks out easily over my health, my studies….generally over everything. I pray that she would learn to calm down more.”

I gulped and in my heart, I told God that really, that was an exaggeration. Afterall, Clare was hospitalized just six months ago and so naturally, I would be concerned with her catching another round of cough from school. Compared to other mothers, I have been told that I am actually quite cool about things. So, dear Lord, may I add that I am only a little freaked out at times, and not all the time as implied by Clare. My thoughts were interrupted again.

“And, please help my dad not to spend so much time on his hobbies. He spent about one-third of his time on cars.” Clare continued. I was glad that she had made the same observation as me that Ray does really indulge in his hobby a tad too much.

“I also want to pray for my ma ma (granny). Help her to stop focusing on the past and look into the future.” She prayed. Now, how did that come about? I wondered. Before I could start justifying myself further, I realised that God is using my girl to speak to me. If a child sees her mother panicking over matters that are under God’s control, how does that impact her faith? This is not only a poor reflection of great God is but also a serious indication that mummy needs to develop more reliance on God.

“Dear Lord, I know that I am not setting a good example to my children. Please forgive me. More importantly, help me to develop such faith in you that they could see, how you make a difference in my life and eventually in theirs. In Jesus’s name, Amen.”

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