Friday, July 13, 2012

Plants vs Animals

I enjoy talking to Clarissa as despite being at a tender age of 10, she has her own views on a quite a wide range of topics. Recently, I overheard a case where an acquaintance’s business was badly affected due to a new player in town. Instead of viewing competition in business as being healthy and opportunity to improve, I could tell that she was bitter and to make things worse, her attitude had affected her entire outlook in life.

I was immensely disturbed, as I couldn’t understand why her parents did not spare her some words of wisdom, or for that matter her close friends too. To be immersed in such seemingly hopelessness is pitiful indeed. I saw this as a great topic to talk about with Clarissa and Joseph.

One day, while fetching them back from the tuition centre, I told them this scenario: “Kids, imagine there is a game shop Ace. It is the only computer game shop in the town for the longest time and needless to say, it is the most popular shop for kids. However, after sometime, another game shop Better, started its business and because its game is more appealing, more kids patronize Better. Eventually, Ace’s business suffers and its owner blames Better.”

“Joe, what do you think if you were in Ace’s owner position?” I asked my 7-year old. After some thoughts, he replied: “ He should blame himself rather than Better’s owner, as his game is not as interesting.” Before Joseph could finish, Clare looked eager to answer. “Well, first, Ace’s owner should find out what makes Better better. For example: Better came up with a bestseller game, which involved animals (yup, Clare would fall for animal game anytime) that was more appealing than Ace’s plants. In addition, Ace should find out what kids liked and come out with new games. Or, the two of them could work together!”

I was pleasantly surprised and exceedingly proud of their wise replies. “Good job! I hope you will always remember what you have said today so that in the event of failure, you will always think positively!” I cheered.

Dear Lord, please help my children to be resilient when they encounter failure as its through failure that they could emerge stronger and wiser. May they always grow in Your wisdom and rely on Your strength in every situation. In Jesus name, Amen

Joseph restoring joy to a friend

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