Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Training at Home

Those who know me, would label me as demure but really, I am just quite shy to voice up my views. In fact, I am just quite happy to be left by myself, indulging in my own thoughts. But God has other plans for me, such as bringing Ray into my life to be my spouse. With Ray, silence is not an option: He would grille me for an answer for every single one of his questions. To top it all, my response must be sensible, thorough, logical and convincing! And as though Ray alone is not adequate, God gave me Joseph, which is a mini dose of Ray! So there it is, in our family, there are two men (or boys) who are constantly pushing me to come out of my introvert shell.

When Clarissa started school this year, I was dismayed to discover that her school had taken Science and Maths in English out of her timetable. Clearly this wasn’t right but given my inert nature, I would normally have contained my displeasure. However, this time, my activist string has been struck. The very next day I called the school principal to find out more and here was the her answer “The government has stopped issuing new textbooks to our school in view of the recent change from dual to single language system. So, I have instructed for the textbooks to be shared in the classrooms by the students.” She explained. “Sharing textbooks in school would not really help the students to master the subject in English as the children needs to bring back the textbook for reference. And if there is a shortage of books, could we bring these books to be photocopied, so that everyone would have a copy?” I refused to give up. Finally, she agreed to look into the matter, on the condition that I submit a letter, signed by parents, requesting the school to conduct the respective subjects in dual language!

There I was, after having drafted the letter, I was at the school during recess time and after school hours, explaining the school’s “new policy” to parents and why we shouldn’t take it. There were parents who looked at me strangely, wondering what was the big deal; there were others who shared the same sentiment as me. Eventually, I managed to secure 16 signatures. A day later, Clarissa came home, exclaiming that she had received the English textbooks! Joy was on my face! The years of training by big and mini-Ray had come in handy for me! Perhaps God foresee this day and roped in Ray and Joe to toughen me up! May His name be praised!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Joseph is now 7 years' old

This year, Joseph will be entering the BIG primary school! Although progression is to be congratulated and celebrated, I will miss my boy, afterall, he is slowing stepping into the path of independence!

Unlike his demure and serious sister, Joseph is humorous and loves to talk nonsense! Over the past 7 years, he has taught me how to laugh at my mistake, let loose and be silly for a while (yup, I am too serious at times!). His most annoying trademark – possessing a loose tongue, has caused me to look at things differently.

He loves to call me “naughty mummy” when I give him too much homework but wears the sweetest smile if he needs my permission to indulge in a packet of junk. To an outsider, he might seem rough and loud, he has a tender side that trickle through.

In April 2011, our family celebrated the arrival of our no 3, Priscilla. Joseph has risen to be a very responsible and dotting brother, much to my surprise. Whenever he received any presents, he would not delay in showing his little sister his latest prized possession. Recently over Christmas, he displayed his mini-collection of nerf guns to Priscilla, showing her how to load, aim and shoot!

I am really blessed to have Joseph in my life, its God’s way of telling me that its ok to be silly sometimes! 

Joseph restoring joy to a friend

We were at a family retreat at Cameron Highlands. Children were having a fun time playing frisbees when one child, Ashton, threw the frisbee...