Thursday, June 21, 2012

Its My Turn Now

It’s a real joy to see Priscilla growing. She loves to talk and dance to music, very different from her two older siblings. Lately, she learnt to imitate us too.

Every morning, before I leave for work I would wave to her. She must have noticed my black computer on my shoulder: an indication that I am going away for the day.

One evening, I took out my video camera from its little black casing. While trying to video Prissy dancing to music, she decided to crawl towards the small black bag, lift it up and hang it over her tiny shoulder. Her other hand waving to me, as though to say: “Mum, its my turn to say good bye now!”

I was caught off guard. Indeed, I only have limited number of years with Prissy before she leaves us for college, work and eventually her own family. It was a poignant moment that drew out tears from my eyes. I am missing her already!

Thank you God for reminding me that I should treasure my time with my children, as there is only so many of years before they leave me. Help me to be a better parent each day.  

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