Friday, August 17, 2012

Boundless Joy

The day that Prissy started her 1st steps, there was such a celebration! I was busy taking out my video camera and digital camera, couldn’t quite decide which one to use first. Evidently, she knew that it was a new milestone for her. Her hands were waving in the air, while she chatted away in her own baby (or toddler’s) language, oblivious to the fact that no one understood her, except that her gestures and babbling conveyed excitement.

My parents were clapping their hands as she took her first walk into their quarters. I wondered if they had cheered for me when I took mine. At that point, I could almost see them reliving their parenthood! Prissy helped me see the side of my parents that had been buried for many years.

Its amazing how the smallest and youngest one in the family could bring forth so many surreal moments. As Prissy stood in front of the TV, a music piece was played. She started swaying her body and fearing that she might fall, Prissy fell on her bump and had a good laugh!

I was ecstatic over the milestone and when I looked around, I discovered that all of us were blown away by her. Dear Lord, is this how it is, that we too could blow you away with our baby steps in faith? If so, I pray that I would always grow in faith so that I could bring boundless joy to you!

Prissy My No 3

If anyone is thinking of having a 3rd baby after a 6 year’s gap, think no further, go for it! With my first two, I was constantly worried about them getting into accidents, making a mess etc. than being joyous! On retrospect, I wished I was less concerned about their well-being and took more time to savor just being with them.

With Prissy, I found contentment and endless joy! Its almost like someone had turned on a switch! Recently, Ray actually commented that I am a different mother compared to previously. “You are much more patient compared to before and I am amazed that you haven’t screamed at Prissy yet!” He observed.

Initially, Clarissa and Joseph were a little cautious as to whether I would dot on the little sister more.  Prior to giving birth, Clare actually had a heart to heart chat with me and asked me why I wanted a no 3. She went as far as saying that babies were troublesome and mummies’ attention would be diverted.

Now that Prissy had turned one, the bonding between her and the elder two is evident. Clare loves to take care of Prissy and carries her like a mother. Once, we even had a competition in which both of us would call Prissy, and see who she would walk to….and she didn’t pick me! As for Joe, he has his own style of playing with his little sister. Most times, Prissy would end up being the monkey, always running after the brother for the toy and as soon as she grabs it from him, he would snatch it away from her again. As a bystander, the apparent bullying frustrates me, but when I observe Prissy, she is obviously having a blast!

I didn’t realize that there were such tenderness in Joe and Clare until now.  Prissy has opened my eyes to help me see virtues in my older children that I didn’t know existed. Thank you Priscilla for the discovery! Thank you God for your gift! 

Joseph restoring joy to a friend

We were at a family retreat at Cameron Highlands. Children were having a fun time playing frisbees when one child, Ashton, threw the frisbee...